Registration is held during the second week of January for the upcoming school year.  Please submit the online registration form located below when it becomes available.  

Please note our Immunization Policy:

Independent Presbyterian Church Day School Immunization Policy

You have the power to protect your child


In light of recent vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks and appropriate research, the Day School Committee, including our committee pediatrician, has updated our immunization policy.


To attend the Independent Presbyterian Church Day School, children must be immunized with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians recommended following vaccines according to their appropriate age guidelines:  RV (Rotavirus), DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Pertussis), Hib (Meningitis), MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella), PCV (Pneumococcus), IPV (Polio), and Varicella (Chicken Pox). Verified health exemptions will be taken. Having our students vaccinated will help protect children under the recommended vaccination age, our students with compromised immune systems, and pregnant mothers.


Thank you for doing your part in providing our children and families with safe and long lasting protection.


If you have any questions, please call Kathy Leaver, 930-8166.

Requests for enrollment will be filled according to the following priority categories: 

      1.  Children of IPC members.

      2.  Children who currently are enrolled in the Day School.

      3.  Children who have a sibling currently enrolled in the Day School.

      4.  Children who have had a sibling enrolled in the Day School in the past.

      5.  All others.


Please note that none of these priority categories guarantee enrollment.

Registration forms are submitted online.  However, please note that the order in which the applications are received does not play a role in how or if applicants are accepted.   

The application process includes a Registration fee that is non-refundable and is not applied toward tuition.  The registration fee will be refunded only if the family moves out of the Birmingham metropolitan area or if we are unable to offer your child placement in the program.

The child's age will determine what class he/she is eligible to attend.  When registering your child you must apply for the appropriate class that corresponds to his/her age.

Once you are notified that your child has been placed in the IPC Day School, arrangement for payment of tuition must be made by May 1st. 

waiting list will be kept during the school year, and additions can be made to this list during this year as well.  The same priority categories apply to filling placements as they become available.

CLASS PLACEMENT:  We place children in classes based on the following criteria:  age, boy/girl ratio, teacher input, school district, and personalities. Specific teacher requests are not accepted. However, any concerns you may have regarding class placement (personality conflicts or special needs) are considered and must be submitted to the Director in writing by May 1st.  After class placements are made, changes are rarely approved. Requests for changes are only accepted in writing and will be reviewed by the Class Placement Committee.



Independent Presbyterian Church Day School Registration/Child Information Form


AGE GROUP                             


Older Toddlers      





REGISTRATION FEE                                 








Registration Fees - Due Now                                                                                                                                     Please note: Using the Pay Now option includes a fee.  You have the option of making a check payable to: IPC Day School.  Checks can be delivered in person to the Day School office or mailed: IPC Day School, 3100 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama 35205.  Registration checks will not be deposited until after January 15.
Registration Fees

Tuition is a yearly fee which is payable by the month (September through May) for your convenience.  We do not accept monthly payments by check. 


You have several options regarding payment method:

  • Total yearly tuition can be paid in full by May 1st.
  • Tuition can be paid semi-annually.  (50% due May 1st, 50% due January 4th)
  • Tuition can be paid monthly (September through May) through an Authorization Agreement for Pre-Authorized Debits from your checking account. 
  • Online payment through PayPal (a convenience fee will apply)


Checks should be made payable to IPC Day School.  


There is no reduction in tuition for days that the school is closed due to holidays, inclement weather, or for prolonged absence by a child.


If a child is withdrawn after school begins the parent is responsible for tuition for the entire month in which the child withdraws.


Independent Presbyterian Church Day School is a non-profit organization: therefore, any contributions above tuition are tax deductible.  Donations are greatly appreciated and are used to fund new programs and to provide scholarships.  The Day School also gladly accepts quality used toys, books, and records.  Any unused donated items are given to the Independent Presbyterian Church Community Ministries program.


If for any reason there is a need for financial assistance with your child’s tuition, please contact the Director for a confidential interview.


DAYS ENROLLED                                                  

One day per week $102.00                                                   

Two days per week $204.00                                                     

Three days per week $306.00                                                    

Four days per week $408.00                                                   

Five days per week $510.00


YEARLY TUITION (2018-2019)

DAYS ENROLLED YEARLY TUITION                               

One day per week $918.00                                                   

Two days per week $1,836.00                                                     

Three days per week $2,754.00                                                    

Four days per week $3,672.00                                                   

Five days per week $4,590.00       

HALF TUITION (2018-2019)

DAYS ENROLLED YEARLY TUITION                               

One day per week $458.00                                                   

Two days per week $918.00                                                     

Three days per week $1,377.00                                                    

Four days per week $1,836.00                                                   

Five days per week $2,295.00       

Tuition - Arrangements must be made by May 1st  
Please note:  Using the Pay Now option includes a fee.                                                                                                           
You have the option of making a check payable to IPC Day School for FULL or 1/2 tuition.  Checks can be delivered in person to the Day School office or mailed: IPC Day School, 3100 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama 35205.  
Another option is to submit a form: Authorization Agreement for Pre-Authorized debits from a checking account. Debits will take place for 9 months beginning in September and ending in May.  (Please note: Tuition is not a monthly amount but rather a yearly amount.  Direct debits are made possible for your convenience).                                                                                                        
2018-2019 Tuition
2017-2018 Tuition